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Whether it’s because of time or finances, sometimes it’s a challenge for parents to connect ill children with proper healthcare. That’s why, thanks to a grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health, CoxHealth is bringing health care to the students. Soon, sick kids can be seen right at school via telemedicine for acute ailments such as sore throats, chronic coughs and the flu.

Over a three-year period, CoxHealth will place mobile telehealth carts in six elementary schools across six counties in order to connect select children with providers via telemedicine. The providers include nurse practitioners aboard the CARE Mobile, a mobile pediatric clinic, sponsored by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Parents will be able to participate in the visit either in person, or by phone or video using a smartphone (or other video-enabled device) without having to leave work or home.

The project was the result of new opportunities in the state to provide telehealth in schools and is creating significant interest by those in both the healthcare and education sectors.  Participation is voluntary, and is completely free while the method of healthcare is piloted. If a diagnosis is made, prescriptions will be sent to each family’s preferred pharmacy.  CoxHealth has plans to partner with other agencies to provide financial support for medications for those in need.

This program is currently being introduced to communities, and kids will gradually begin being seen during the 2017 spring semester. However, things won’t be completely in full swing until the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. Over time, this grant will also allow CoxHealth to offer specialty care, behavioral health and family practice.

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Our roots at CoxHealth go back to the Lester E. Cox family. Mr. Cox, his wife Mildred and their children were dedicated to the hospital and ensuring its success for the patients and community.

It was a family affair and today its’ really no different. CoxHealth is a family oriented and family focused organization. Our employees are our roots and what make the health system successful today. When former CEO Larry Wallis retired, he gave a gift to the CoxHealth Foundation to start the Cox Family Assistance Fund.  This ’employee crisis fund’ reached its tenth year in 2016, helping  516 employees with financial assistance for a life changing situation. A total of $417,061.63 has now been gifted to help during a fire, a tornado, a major medical or other event where the results were out of the employees control.

In 2016 Melissa Sartin applied and received support after her son’s devastating injury in a car accident. Tyler was not expected to live and Melissa had to take off a lot of time during her son’s recovery. Her family  had travel costs for his care and expenses they had no resources to cover. Today, thanks to the crisis fund, Children’s Miracle Network and the CoxHealth Foundation Rehabilitation fund; Tyler is back on the road to recovery. Melissa has resumed her position in the ED with gratitude for this hand up from our Cox family.

The Cox Family Assistance Fund was matched by employees and continues as one of the most highly supported funds in the Employee Giving Program. From both Melissa and the staff of CoxHealth Foundation, thank you for making 2016 a year for FAMILY .

If you would like to donate to the Cox Family Assistance Fund, click here.

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As the year draws to a close, we want to recognize the impact of an important partnership between our donors and employees that provide excellent care.  So many of our donations come from generous benefactors in our community.  Add to that number the employees who donate directly from their paycheck.  That’s when the partnership comes to life and benefits our patients.

We celebrate with our Cox family and community the stories of impact their contribution of time and resources have created:

mcdonnoldCarolyn McDonnold moved to the Ozarks to be closer to her children. She had no idea she would spend most of their time together visiting the hospital. Carolyn was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer with lesions shortly after arriving in the Ozarks. She is living on a fixed income and applied for help through the Cancer Services and Good Samaritan Funds.  Carolyn received assistance and sent her thanks in a letter stating: “I am fighting to live to have more time with my family. Your gift really gave me the strength to keep fighting. Thank you for making me feel like my life is important.”




Karen Hodges
was stopping at a local McDonald’s restaurant. When she got out of her car, she was suddenly slammed back into the side of it by a car that backed into her. The car pulled forward to release her and then to her surprise, backed up again and hit her a second and third time. The driver of the car hitting her then pulled away and fled. Karen had multiple broken bones and a long recovery. Karen applied for help from the Rehabilitation Fund and received support. She came in person to thank the Foundation donors. “I can’t begin to tell you all how much this help meant to me. I just had to tell you it made me feel blessed. Just really, really blessed. Thank you so much.”


recovery-beginsTyler Sartin was on his way home but when he didn’t arrive his mom became worried. She called his cell phone and a stranger answered. Her son was on his way to the ER. His car was in an accident and had rolled over a dozen times. Tyler had skull fractures, brain injuries and dissected arteries. He was not expected to live. Tyler’s family applied for assistance on his behalf and received a grant from the Grey Matters Fund- which supports patients with brain injuries. His mom had this to say when she personally came to thank the Foundation for it’s support: “I have insurance but when something like this hits you never realize how fast you can drain your checkbook and savings account. This gift helped us to get Tyler the care he needed. He still has some issues with his sight but he’s doing great and getting back to life. We are just so grateful for the Foundation’s help.”

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Did you get your property tax statement and wonder why you’re still paying for that boat or car you don’t use? DONATE it today to the CoxHealth Foundation! Save yourself the trouble and expense of trying to sell your vehicle. Get a tax deduction and save yourself money instead! Not running, no problem! We will even take them if they are not running as long as you have a clear title. Call our donation line at 855-500-RIDE and a pick up will be scheduled at your convenience. All proceeds benefit the Area of Greatest Need for patient care!


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CoxHealth is the best place for premature and critically ill infants. That may be why so many families choose CoxHealth when starting their families. In June, seven infants were diverted to Mercy’s NICU because CoxHealth was full. This is even after babies were overflowed into the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

Administration immediately went to work on a plan to address this issue. The result was monitoring systems added to five rooms in the NICU and four rooms in the PICU. The additional benefit beyond avoiding diversion is now giving the parents of twins the option to be in one room versus two. The hurdle however to this solution was the cost of the equipment. An unbudgeted need, administration came to the CoxHealth Foundation asking for help during a tight financial year. Thanks to generous employee and community donors, the Foundation was able to commit $350,000 to purchase the pediatric monitoring systems. Installation is set for the first week of October.

This was all made possible by the generosity of our employee and community donors contributing to the Area of Greatest Need Fund.  You can make a donation to help with needs like this by clicking here.

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CRAP bake sale

CoxHealth is a family of people who love their community.  The daily needs of patients deserve the “blood, sweat, and tears” that our employees provide without regard for themselves.  But sometimes those who care for their community need care themselves.

In 2004, former CEO Larry Wallis made the founding donation that started the Cox Family Assistance Fund.  The purpose was to benefit employees in their time of greatest need.  He felt that CoxHealth should be there for employees who experience major medical events, natural disasters, or even the death of their spouse because that is when you need family the most.

Today, Cox Family Assistance Fund continues to provide grants to employees who find themselves in difficult moments.  Funds have helped with funeral expenses, temporary housing after a tornado, and helping pay expenses following a devastating injury, the very moments that are most difficult to prepare for.

If you would like to help those in our CoxHealth family who need assistance, please click here to make a donation.  These funds help those of us who need it most.

If you are part of our CoxHealth family and are experiencing one of these moments.  Please call our office at 269-7150 so we can help you personally.

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Who hasn’t choked at some time in their life? It’s a frightening experience as you gasp for air. More frightening is when it happens to a small child who doesn’t understand what is happening.  As an adult we can fight to free the airway. Children fight against it and can die from an obstruction.

What kind of obstructions? At CoxHealth, our physicians have seen it all.  Not surprising, nuts, candy and coins are the most common.  Others have included a round battery, earrings, bottle, pen and toothpaste caps, Legos, buttons, detergent capsules and more. If they can fit it in their mouth, a child will try it. Unfortunately, once is all it takes to block the vital air flow that keeps a child’s brain and body alive.

Fortunately, one BRONCH CART currently exists in the Children’s Hospital but a second was considered a great need. Blocked airways can occur on the hospital floor, in the surgery suite, in the ER,  or the Urgent Care and one cart cannot be in every location.

Earlier this year, CoxHealth Foundation was able to respond through the Area of Greatest Need Fund, which is underwritten by both community donors and our own employees.  As a result, a second cart was purchased and both are now covering the Trauma areas (ER, Urgent Care, Surgery) AND patient care areas (Children’s Hospital, Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit, Post-Partum Nursery).

These carts require that as many scopes are available as there are sizes of children (Premature Infant, Infant, Toddler, Adolescent, Teen, and Young Adult). The total cost for the fully outfitted cart was $136,000.  Given the importance of this to our children, CoxHealth Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals made this a priority for funding and the new BRONCH CART is now helping save the lives of our littlest patients.

We want to express our gratitude to our donors that continue to make it possible for CoxHealth Foundation to “see a need, fill a need.”

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Friday, June 17th was the kick-off to the Prostate Cancer Organization of the Ozarks fundraiser for the CoxHealth Foundation Prostate Cancer fund. A group organized to bring greater awareness to men’s health, the group’s goal is to see CoxHealth as the premier provider for prostate cancer care. The dollars raised will be used to support a multi-disciplinary clinic, a prostate cancer patient navigator, and to help create great education and awareness as well as offer financial support for patients who cannot afford their care.

The event was held in the Wonders of Wildlife Museum, which has yet to open. 226 guests enjoyed a five course meal, special gifts throughout the night and dancing to Memphis based band, Almost Famous. Over $100,000 was raised for the cause. To learn more or to donate, call 269-7150. See additional photos on the CoxHealth Foundation Facebook page.

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Presented by
RICK’s Automotive

For event information go to

A Champagne Hot Air Balloon Ride For Two Compliments of Rick’s Automotive will be given away!

(Winner and donor will determine a date and time that works for both)

OR 3 FOR $10.00
(online ticket sales close at noon Friday July 15)

Ticket sales are now longer available. Drawing will be held at Girls Just Wanna Run July 16, 2016, you do not need to be present to win.

Drawing will be held at Girls Just Wanna Run July 16, 2016, you do not need to be present to win.

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Sean Swanson was a Professional Bowler, loving father, and successful fundraiser.  His mission was to support others like him; patients fighting for their lives against cancer.  Sean fought his battle with sarcoma valiantly while also working, being a father, and raising money and awareness about his condition.  His battle ended last year but his vision carries on in those who loved him, his family and friends.

Angie, Tori and Kaleb are Sean’s family and they continue to sponsor Strike Out Sarcoma, a bowling tournament that benefits sarcoma cancer patients through CoxHealth Foundation.  Every year, Sean’s friends and family host donors that bring out their bowling teams to compete with one another and enjoy great food, a silent auction, and games at Andy B’s Family Entertainment Center.

This year, Sean’s family honored him by carrying on his mission for those who are still fighting theirs.  They raised $16,627.75 to help cancer patients get the care they need.

You can donate on behalf of Sean to sarcoma patients through the Cancer Services Fund at CoxHealth Foundation by clicking here.