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CRAP bake sale

CoxHealth is a family of people who love their community.  The daily needs of patients deserve the “blood, sweat, and tears” that our employees provide without regard for themselves.  But sometimes those who care for their community need care themselves.

In 2004, former CEO Larry Wallis made the founding donation that started the Cox Family Assistance Fund.  The purpose was to benefit employees in their time of greatest need.  He felt that CoxHealth should be there for employees who experience major medical events, natural disasters, or even the death of their spouse because that is when you need family the most.

Today, Cox Family Assistance Fund continues to provide grants to employees who find themselves in difficult moments.  Funds have helped with funeral expenses, temporary housing after a tornado, and helping pay expenses following a devastating injury, the very moments that are most difficult to prepare for.

If you would like to help those in our CoxHealth family who need assistance, please click here to make a donation.  These funds help those of us who need it most.

If you are part of our CoxHealth family and are experiencing one of these moments.  Please call our office at 269-7150 so we can help you personally.

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Who hasn’t choked at some time in their life? It’s a frightening experience as you gasp for air. More frightening is when it happens to a small child who doesn’t understand what is happening.  As an adult we can fight to free the airway. Children fight against it and can die from an obstruction.

What kind of obstructions? At CoxHealth, our physicians have seen it all.  Not surprising, nuts, candy and coins are the most common.  Others have included a round battery, earrings, bottle, pen and toothpaste caps, Legos, buttons, detergent capsules and more. If they can fit it in their mouth, a child will try it. Unfortunately, once is all it takes to block the vital air flow that keeps a child’s brain and body alive.

Fortunately, one BRONCH CART currently exists in the Children’s Hospital but a second was considered a great need. Blocked airways can occur on the hospital floor, in the surgery suite, in the ER,  or the Urgent Care and one cart cannot be in every location.

Earlier this year, CoxHealth Foundation was able to respond through the Area of Greatest Need Fund, which is underwritten by both community donors and our own employees.  As a result, a second cart was purchased and both are now covering the Trauma areas (ER, Urgent Care, Surgery) AND patient care areas (Children’s Hospital, Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit, Post-Partum Nursery).

These carts require that as many scopes are available as there are sizes of children (Premature Infant, Infant, Toddler, Adolescent, Teen, and Young Adult). The total cost for the fully outfitted cart was $136,000.  Given the importance of this to our children, CoxHealth Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals made this a priority for funding and the new BRONCH CART is now helping save the lives of our littlest patients.

We want to express our gratitude to our donors that continue to make it possible for CoxHealth Foundation to “see a need, fill a need.”

Keith Morris <![CDATA[Inaugural “Under the Sea” event a big success for Prostate Cancer effort.]]> 2016-06-21T11:06:15Z 2016-06-21T11:04:26Z Under The Sea

Friday, June 17th was the kick-off to the Prostate Cancer Organization of the Ozarks fundraiser for the CoxHealth Foundation Prostate Cancer fund. A group organized to bring greater awareness to men’s health, the group’s goal is to see CoxHealth as the premier provider for prostate cancer care. The dollars raised will be used to support a multi-disciplinary clinic, a prostate cancer patient navigator, and to help create great education and awareness as well as offer financial support for patients who cannot afford their care.

Under The Sea Under The Sea

The event was held in the Wonders of Wildlife Museum, which has yet to open. 226 guests enjoyed a five course meal, special gifts throughout the night and dancing to Memphis based band, Almost Famous. Over $100,000 was raised for the cause. To learn more or to donate, call 269-7150. See additional photos on the CoxHealth Foundation Facebook page.

Keith Morris <![CDATA[A Champagne Hot Air Balloon Ride For Two]]> 2016-06-18T03:12:44Z 2016-06-11T02:08:20Z UP UP AND AWAY!

Presented by
RICK’s Automotive

For event information go to

A Champagne Hot Air Balloon Ride For Two Compliments of Rick’s Automotive will be given away!

(Winner and donor will determine a date and time that works for both)

OR 3 FOR $10.00
(online ticket sales close at noon Friday July 15)

Ticket sales are now longer available. Drawing will be held at Girls Just Wanna Run July 16, 2016, you do not need to be present to win.

Drawing will be held at Girls Just Wanna Run July 16, 2016, you do not need to be present to win.

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Sean Swanson was a Professional Bowler, loving father, and successful fundraiser.  His mission was to support others like him; patients fighting for their lives against cancer.  Sean fought his battle with sarcoma valiantly while also working, being a father, and raising money and awareness about his condition.  His battle ended last year but his vision carries on in those who loved him, his family and friends.

Angie, Tori and Kaleb are Sean’s family and they continue to sponsor Strike Out Sarcoma, a bowling tournament that benefits sarcoma cancer patients through CoxHealth Foundation.  Every year, Sean’s friends and family host donors that bring out their bowling teams to compete with one another and enjoy great food, a silent auction, and games at Andy B’s Family Entertainment Center.

This year, Sean’s family honored him by carrying on his mission for those who are still fighting theirs.  They raised $16,627.75 to help cancer patients get the care they need.

You can donate on behalf of Sean to sarcoma patients through the Cancer Services Fund at CoxHealth Foundation by clicking here.

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Heart Vascular Summit

October 14th and 15th
White River Conference Center

CoxHealth’s cardiovascular summit promises to provide a heart and vascular forum in the Midwest convening regional partners and engaged stakeholders who are committed to collaborative accountable care for a patient centered future.

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Generously donated by…
Generously donated by…Justice Jewelrs

Raffle Tickets Available Now! RETAIL VALUE – $699

Ticket sales are now longer available. Drawing will be held at Grey Matters Fund Auction on Saturday, May 14.

14K white gold, 36” chain featuring multiple stations of various cut Amethyst, Peridot, Garnet, Blue Topaz, and Citrine. A perfect layering piece for day or night!

Online ticket sales close at noon May 13

Tickets can also be purchased at the Grey Matters Fund Auction
Saturday May 14, 6:00, Cantina Laredo

  • 1 ticket for $10
  • 3 tickets for $15
  • Winner will be announced at the auction.
  • You do not need to be present to win.

brain logoProceeds benefit the GREY MATTERS FUND

Providing support to people in our community diagnosed with brain cancer, brain tumors and brain trauma.

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Christina Rogers picture

Both Christina’s parents had colon cancer. Her siblings had polyps removed during their colonoscopies.  Needless to say, Christina Rogers was concerned for her own health.  She decided to take the next step and look into getting a colonoscopy.   When she received the information back, she quickly realized she could not afford the most important test of her life.  Christina’s husband, a self-employed plumber, made just enough to allow Christina to be a stay at home mom to her three children. With no insurance, the $1,800 cost would mean choosing between herself and food for her family.  With her family history certain and her health uncertain, Christina was left to fear for what might be happening to her too.

Fortunately, the Colorectal Cancer Prevention Fund at CoxHealth  Foundation was available to her and Christina was approved for a colonoscopy.  The good news, Christina was cancer free. She shared the results with her entire family.  Not realizing how much her worry had impacted her children, Christina’s daughter came to her with joyful tears in her eyes.  Her little girl had been afraid that mommy was going to die or have cancer like grandma and grandpa.

Christina courageously shared her story earlier this month at the annual CRAP (Colo Rectal Awareness Party) to the 500 guests. “ I can’t thank you all enough for the gifts you have given so someone like me could know their future is cancer free.  Your kindness touched my family in a way we can never repay.”

If you’d like to support the Colorectal Cancer Prevention Fund, click DONATE NOW at and choose this fund in the drop down box.

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Raffle Tickets Available Now!

Ticket sales are now longer available. Drawing will be held at Strike Out Sarcoma April 30, Andy B’s.


  • 4 One-Day park Hopper passes—Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom!
  • A 7 day stay at a Wyndam/RCI Hotel or Resort, you choose!
  • $800 Delta eGi; Card to apply toward your flight!
  • All 3 (Disney, Resort and Delta) can be used together or separately

Drawing will be held at Strike Out Sarcoma April 30, Andy B’s

You do not have to be present to win. Online ticket sales close April 29 at noon!

Disney World Raffle:

All tickets, paperwork, necessary codes, phone numbers, written guidelines and restrictions will be provided to the raffle winner on or after the drawing during Strike Out Sarcoma April 30, 2016.

Walt Disney World Tickets:

  • 4 Complimentary one day park Hopper passes valid at Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida.
  • Passes are valued at $155 per pass, a total of $620.00.
  • The complimentary tickets are valid during normal operating hours and provide admission to a magical one-day experience at each theme park – Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
  • Tickets expire within 2 years.  Expiration dates are on the back of the tickets.
  • Tickets have no cash value.
  • Complimentary tickets cannot be upgraded nor can they be applied towards a package to meet eligibility requirements.
  • Tickets provided for fundraising activities that are lost, stolen, used or expired cannot be replaced.
  • Complimentary tickets may not be used for admission from December 25-31 of any year and may be subject to block-out dates.

Delta Air Lines:

  • Delta eGift Card can be applied toward your next Delta flight.
  • Redemption code and instructions will be provided to the raffle winner.
  • The certificate number and redemption code located in the digital Delta eGift Card are required for redemption.
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Wyndham Vacation Ownership Introductory Offer for RCI Weeks

  • With the certificate you can enjoy one 7-night vacation stay through Resort Rental, LLC (“RR”) resorts at which RR has inventory  (such inventory includes RCI affiliated resorts).
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