Grateful Patients

Genise and cancer patient 2015 1

Have you had a patient say.. “I’m so grateful for the great care I received, what can I do?”  When this happens, the CoxHealth Foundation has two tools in place for you.

Information stations on our Grateful Patient Program can be found in the following locations: elevator lobby at Cox South, entry at West Pavillion, lobby of Hulston Cancer Center, outpatient lobby at Meyer Ortho and coming soon to the new hospital tower lobby.

Simply direct your grateful patient to one of these locations for information on how they can make a donation to honor their nurse, staff or physician. The information stations hold easy to use cards that say: Did your caregiver SAVE your life?  CHANGE   your life? EMPOWER you back into life?

The card then instructs them on how to make a gift to the CoxHealth Foundation with a place to send their personal note regarding their care or caregiver. The caregivers mentioned then receive a thank you from the Foundation as well. A second resource is our website: Simply direct them to our easy to navigate site where they can select a fund to direct their gift in honor of your great service to them in regaining good health.