List of Funds

Listed below are the current funds held by the CoxHealth Foundation (CHF). All funds are established for the benefit of patients and community health through education, technology, financial assistance and facilities. This list is updated annually as new funds are created through the generosity of donors. For more information on how to donate to one of these funds or to establish a new fund or endowment, or how to include a fund or funds in your estate plan contact Lisa Alexander, CHF President, 417-269-7109.


Restricted Funds

Auxiliary Fund

The purpose of the Fund is to promote and advance CoxHealth, its mission, staff and programs. This can include the purchase of equipment, capital items, education, to provide grants and scholarships as selected by the Auxiliary board.

ADE Fund

This fund provides outreach for those wishing to extend medical care out of the norms of the health care setting, into the community at large; as local, national and international care is brought to people in need.

ER Fund

To honor the work of our caregivers for life-saving efforts and to support the ongoing needs of the Emergency Departments at CoxHealth, the ER fund supports technology, facility, patient care and comfort care needs of those served in the Emergency Department.

ALS (Lou Gherig’s Disease) Fund, Honoring Coach Howard Bell

This fund supports all the activities of the CoxHealth ALS Clinic, located inside the Jared Neuroscience Center. This fund will assist patients and their families with those needs that will enhance their quality of life as well as provide the highest level of care for those being served at the ALS  Clinic. This fund was established to honor Glendale baseball coach Howard Bell by his friends and family for his courage and strength during his fight with this disease.

Bethlehem Fund

This fund is for high-risk, low-income expectant mothers. This fund assists with

those expenses not covered by insurance or government programs to ensure the healthy delivery of the child. A physician’s referral is required to access this fund.

Breast Care Fund (formerly known as Ozarks Women’s Link) 

This fund supports the needs of women before and after diagnosis of breast cancer. Funding provision for mammography and biopsy, as well as follow-up care.  An application is required to access this fund.

Chaplain’s Fund

This fund supports the needs of the Pastoral Care program at CoxHealth. This includes education, chapel services, family counseling and meals for hospital patients in emergency situations. All requests for funding must be approved by the head of the pastoral care department.

Charlie’s Fund

This fund is to support the tobacco cessation program for employees at CoxHealth. 

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Endowment (CAM), 

Jane A. Meyer Endowment 

This fund supports the “Music for Healing” and “Art for Healing” programs that bring in musicians/artists to provide distraction at the bedside for patients. This fund was started in honor of the late Jane A. Meyer.

Cox Family Assistance Fund

This fund was established to assist employees and their immediate families at times of unforeseen crisis. Situations that qualify include loss of home due to natural disaster, fire, loss of income due to the death of a spouse, disability, long-term or terminal illness, etc. An application is required to access this fund, along with supervisor recommendation and a pay stub copy. Employees must also be full time for six months or part time for one year to be qualified for this fund.

Diabetes Education Fund

This fund helps to cover the expenses of education classes to those who cannot afford them for the management of their disease.  An application is required to access this fund.

Family Medicine Residency Endowment Fund

This fund supports and promotes the Family Practice Residency Program at Cox North, which trains physicians in the Family Practice field and includes a component that provides special attention to case management and study of chronic disease, especially diabetes.

Family Medicine Residency Education Enhancement Fund

This fund supports the continuing education and research that brings forth excellence in care delivery at FMCC. This fund is for residents and faculty only.

Ferrell-Duncan Clinic Fund

This fund provides educational support for the community and for the employees and physicians of Ferrell-Duncan Clinic

Good Samaritan Fund

This fund assists individuals who have used the services of Cox Health and do not have the resources to reconcile their hospital charges or qualify for charity care. A committee meets monthly to review applications and award grants. An application with proof of income is required to access this fund. No bills in collections will be considered.

Grey Matters Fund of Southwest Missouri

This fund was established in 2015 to support patients with brain tumors, traumatic brain injury or aneurysm in both the pediatric and adult population. An application is required to access this fund.

Hannah’s Hope- Rosh Jenkins Memorial Fund

This fund was started in 2010 after the passing of Rosh Jenkins. His daughter collected funds at his wake to help other cancer patients. This seed money became the fund that supports patients with glioblastoma and other types of brain cancers.

HUG Fund- Honoring Neil Wortley 

This fund provides Help for Uninsured Grants- supports needs not met by any other Foundation fund.

Parkinson’s Fund

This fund supports the creation of the Parkinson’s Clinic of the Ozarks, which provides for diagnosis assistance, review of care, and management of the disease. Documentation of the use of funds is required to access this fund.

Rehabilitation Fund (Meyer Center) 

This fund assists in providing a comprehensive array of rehabilitative services to all those who utilize CoxHealth for their rehabilitation and recovery. This fund also supports the state-of-the-art Meyer Wellness and Rehabilitation Center, assisting with programs, education equipment, services, and facility improvements.

Senior Services FundThis fund helps members of our senior community with immediate, urgent needs. These needs are identified by social workers and Senior Health Center staff. This fund also assists in providing free health screenings for seniors, supports senior services and programs at CoxHealth, and supports Senior Advantage.

Women’s Center Fund

This fund supports the nationally recognized Women’s Center at CoxHealth.  The fund includes support for patients utilizing the various programs including Special Delivery and the Osteoporosis Clinic. An application is required to access this fund.

Cox Monett Fund

This fund supports the needs of Cox Monett Hospital and the communities served by the hospital. The fund began as the Capital Campaign to renovate the hospital in 2000 and continues to offer funds for new technologies, education, and patient services.

Martin Center Fund

This fund supports the technological needs that will maintain the diagnostic technologies in the Martin Center. This fund also supports facility improvements, services, and programs.


Interventional Radiology Fund

This fund supports educational grants for students in the School of Cardiovascular Interventional Technology. This is a specialized branch of radiology that performs invasive diagnostic procedures. Awards are chosen by a committee of the IR program, an application is required. 

Lab Fund

This fund provides for the needs of enhancing excellence in patient care through the services of the CoxHealth lab.

Pharmacy Fund

This fund provides for the needs of enhancing excellence in the pursuit of outstanding clinical excellence in pharmacology at CoxHealth.

Oxford Health Care Hospice Fund

This fund provides for the unfunded needs of patients in the care of Oxford Health Care Hospice.

Life Line Fund

This fund provides for uninsured individuals to receive Life Line services. Over 30 individuals annually receive free service to help them remain in their homes. An application is required to access funds. 

Ozarks Dialysis Fund

This fund provides for the unfunded needs of patients receiving care at CoxHealth Dialysis units. An application is required to access funds.

Turner Center Fund

This fund supports the Women’s and Children’s Center established by Bill and

Ann Turner, home to the Pediatric Urgent Care. This fund supports facility improvements, maintenance, services, and programs. 

 *Joyce Schwandt Memorial Library Fund– the Joyce Schwandt library is housed inside the Women’s Center within the Turner Center. Donations help to maintain the library and provide new materials for women in all aspects of healthcare.

Neurological Services Funds

Ozarks Endowment Fund for Neurosciences

This fund is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with neurological disorders through basic and clinical research, education, and community outreach.

Cancer Services Funds

Cancer Endowment Fund  

This fund exists to support the long-range needs of oncology programs and services within CoxHealth as well as the day to day patient needs that are unfunded through normal payor sources. This fund is an endowed fund with only interest income earnings spent on programs and services. To date, it has helped support the expansion of the new Radiation Center, Healing Garden, and Hope and Healing Place as well as having helped provide technology for breast cancer patients, patient financial grants, nutritional supplements, medications, mastectomy supplies and much more.  Patients must complete an application to access funds. 

  • Endowment Fund 

Glauser Oncology Fund

This fund, created by James and Rosemary Glauser, exists to enhance services, clinical awareness, and technological advances at the Hulston Cancer Center at CoxHealth. The fund has provided thousands of free community-wide Cancer Prevention and Screening Guidebooks and provided the establishment of the Patient Advocacy Program. All newly diagnosed cancer patients can benefit from the free services provided by the Patient Advocate. This fund fully supports the PA program.

Colorectal Cancer Prevention Fund

This fund was established to provide free colonoscopies to patients who need but cannot afford this prevention test.  


Allenbrand Endowment Fund 

This fund established by Rick and Lori Allenbrand exists to support patient needs within the oncology programs at CoxHealth. This may include, but is not limited to, transportation and accommodations, financial counseling, and complementary medicine services. This fund helped establish the Allenbrand Resource Center and the library located on the first floor of the Hulston Cancer Center.

Prostate Cancer Fund 

This fund was established to provide education, prevention and patient care to those with prostate cancer.

Cardiology Services Funds

Cardiology Endowment Fund (Wheeler Heart and Vascular Center)

This fund exists to support the current and long-range needs of cardiac services at CoxHealth at the Wheeler Heart and Vascular Center, patient care and technology enhancements. This is an endowed fund with only the interest earnings being spent on program and service needs. Patient requests require an application to access funds.

Stroke Fund

This fund supports the Stroke Clinic at CoxHealth by providing support for patient needs through education and technology. This fund will assist in providing additional resource materials to patients and their families in the Stroke Clinic library.

Nursing Funds

Nursing Practice and Excellence Fund

The purpose of the Fund is to support the advancement of nursing excellence, including but not limited to the education of the nursing staff to include seminar registration, educational classes/conferences, costs to obtain nursing certifications, travel to meetings, room and board, costs of professional organization annual conferences, grants for educational programming, paper and electronic references for nursing practice, technologies, software, department equipment, speakers to benefit nursing practice including their travel and expenses, supplies and or refreshments for educational conferences, marketing or publication/printing support to enhance nursing.

Cox College of Nursing General Fund

The Cox College of Nursing has been training nurses and healthcare professionals for over 100 years. Changes in educational methods, health care systems, medical technology and nursing technique make it necessary for the College to continue to grow and change with the times. Funds are needed to provide nursing students with the latest resources necessary to prepare them for the high-demand field of nursing. Funds are used to provide classroom technologies, simulated fields of training and much more. Funds can also be used to establish one-time scholarships for students based on financial or academic criteria established by the donor.

Elaine Crabtree Fund

This fund was established at the retirement of Mrs. Crabtree as Director of the

College. The fund is for general-purpose needs for the College.

Burge/Cox College Alumni Endowment Fund

This fund is at the full discretion for use by the Alumni Association and its board of directors. Funding has additionally been used for scholarships.


Cox College Scholarships

These scholarships are currently established in the names of the following. A named perpetual scholarship fund can be created with a minimum donation of $25,000. All scholarships provide on-going support to students and are open to receiving outside donations. Contact the CoxHealth Foundation for more information on scholarship establishment.

  • A.P. & Faye Stone Memorial – the Stones dedicated their lives to legal and health work in Southwest Missouri.
  • Bill & Bernice Evans – general nursing scholarship
  • Brisley-Phillips –minority scholarship.
  • Charles Bush Memorial – general nursing scholarship
  • Cheryl Hasch-Feeney Memorial – this fund was started by the parents of Cheryl, after she and her two children tragically died, to honor their lives and Cheryl’s dedication to helping others.
  • Claudine Barrett Cox Memorial Scholarship– this fund was started by donations to honor of the life of Mrs. Cox, widow of Lester L. Cox, who had played an integral role in the development of CoxHealth and Cox College.
  • David Miller Library Memorial – supports the library at Cox College/CoxHealth.
  • Dee Ann White Memorial – this fund was established by Arthur and Ruth Ann White after the death of their ten-year-old daughter so the College would be supported in their daughter’s name.
  • Dick Brumfield Memorial – after the death of Dick in a car accident, his friends and family started this fund as a way to honor his life.
  • Dr. Carl Rinker Memorial – after radiologist Carl Rinker died, his friends, family, and colleagues started this fund to help students care for their patients without financial worry.
  • Dr. E.B. Hannan Memorial – friends and family started this fund to honor E.B. for his dedication at Cox North.
  • Dr. Daniel Holmes – in honor of his dedicated years to medicine at Cox.
  • Dr. George Klingner – this fund was created by George’s wife as a memorial to his life and dedication to Cox.
  • Dr. Hal Lurie – friends, family, and colleagues started this fund upon Dr. Lurie retiring from serving on the College Board of Trustees.
  • Dr. Max Fitch Memorial – Max was a fixture and enthusiastic caregiver at Cox North, and he left a legacy for the College.
  • Eugene & Martha Charles Fund – friends of CoxHealth who were impressed by the College and the opportunities it provided our community.
  • Ford-Redburn Scholarship- ASN nursing scholarship fund honoring Jo Ann Redburn, CoxHealth employee
  • Frances Rogers Gale Memorial – general nursing scholarship in Frances’ name.
  • Frank Evans – Frank was responsible for the laundry of the hospital, and he and his wife left an estate trust for the College.
  • Grace Bales Hirst Memorial – Philip Hurst established this fund in honor of his wife, Grace, who both wanted students to be able to afford an education from the College. Grace was an alumnus of Burge.
  • Harold Teegarden – was a patient for six months at CoxHealth, and his wife Olive was so grateful and impressed by the care he received that she established a scholarship in his name after his passing.
  • Jack and Beatrice Levan Scholarship – Jack and Beatrice were friends of Lester L. Cox, and they established this fund because of how impressive the hospital was at caring for their patients.
  • Jeannette Musgrave Award – this supports medical students.
  • Jennifer Marie Lindsey – Jennifer was a sophomore in high school who was enthused about nursing and was planning a career in nursing before she died in a car accident.
  • Lawrence Memorial – his wife created this scholarship after Lawrence, a CoxHealth board member, died.
  • Lena Zongker Memorial – Lena was a long-time volunteer with the Cox Health Auxiliary, and this scholarship was setup to give nurses in the Cox Community more funds.
  • Lester E. Cox Memorial – Formally Burge Hospital, CoxHealth was named after Lester for his work in revitalizing the hospital, expanding it, and the fund helps nursing students with scholarship needs.
  • Lester L. Cox Memorial – Cox College was named for a time after Lester L. Cox, the son of Lester E. Cox, for his long-time dedication to the school.
  • Lidia “Lee” Wydock Nursing Scholarship- this fund was established by her husband to honor her deep commitment to CoxHealth and the nursing program. Mrs. Wydock had been a member of the CoxHealth Auxiliary and long-time hospital volunteer.
  • Lillian Virginia Burks – a Red Cross nurse for years, named at her passing.
  • Lillie Ward Wood – Lillie generously donated to the Cox College of Nursing and Health Sciences.
  • Lipscomb Family Nursing Scholarship – Jack and Cathryn, the son-in-law and daughter of Lester E. Cox, started this fund to ensure the nursing education continued and thrived by allowing scholarships for nursing students wanting to pursue supervisory roles in the hospital.
  • Loren & Mary Brunner Fund – friends of Cox who were impressed by the College and wanted to support health professions.
  • Lucille Wood Magers – established by her family in her memory and in memory of the outstanding care she provided as a nurse.
  • Madge Mills Arthur Nursing Endowment – Madge found the tuition for nursing school an obstacle, so she started this fund to help a student with the scholarship. A long time volunteer at Cox North.
  • Mary & Otis Mackey – this scholarship was created by the daughters of Mary and Otis to honor the dedication of their parents who worked side-by-side to send them through nursing school.
  • Mary Wortley Student Nurse Fund – this scholarship was left in memory of Mary, wife of Cox administrator Neil Wortley, for her dedication to helping serve people in the community.
  • Michelle Cross-Good Memorial – this was created in honor of Michelle, a dedicated nurse who was a Burge alumnus.
  • Norman Dale Reimer Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund- in honor of Normal Dale Reimer, loved one of Burge alumni Yonnie Murphy.
  • Ms. Janie Campbell Memorial – Janie was the first graduate of the Burge School of Nursing and this scholarship was set up to honor her legacy as Burge’s first graduate. An estate gift supported this memorial in later years.
  • Peggy Pomeroy Memorial – this scholarship was established to honor the dedication and support Peggy gave to Cox College of Nursing and Health Sciences.
  • Pete & Dorothy Crouch – named in their honor for respiratory care.
  • Polk Memorial – this scholarship was established after John Polk’s death to continue his legacy of dedication to healthcare.
  • Ronald & Betty Campbell Memorial – both were active volunteers within the community, and they left a trust for Cox College as a dedication to the service of this community.
  • S. Lee Honig – Evelyn and Robert Honig, the sister and brother of Lee, started this fund by leaving a portion of Lee’s estate after he passed away.
  • Thelma Silsby Memorial – this scholarship was established by Thelma’s husband, Dr. Silsby, for the continuation of educating students that make the community healthy and viable.
  • William Foster Fund – William and his wife Juanitha created this scholarship to honor nursing professionals and the dedication and service they bring to the Ozarks community. Mr. Foster is a member of the CoxHealth Foundation Board.

Radiology Fund 

This fund provides scholarships to Radiology students annually for excellence in education.

Patrick Moran Scholarship Fund

The fund was established after the passing of CoxHealth employee Patrick Moran to honor his dedication to the field of Radiology. The scholarship committee provides the scholarship each year to an outstanding radiology student.

Daphn Sundstrom Radiography Scholarship Fund

This fund was established to honor the late Daphn Sundstrom and is awarded annually to one student who shows aptitude for the field as well as the attitude to provide outstanding care.

Unrestricted Funds

The CoxHealth Foundation holds an Annual Appeal to raise funds for the areas of greatest need within CoxHealth. The CHF Board of Directors meets each year to review grant requests from hospital departments and affiliates, in addition to community service organizations. These funds are for the purpose of satisfying unmet health needs within the organization and the community at large. Only those requests which support community health and well –being are reviewed.  No sponsorships of fundraising events or other nonprofit organization events are provided out of these funds.