Patient Assistance

The CoxHealth Foundation provides a program by which patients being treated at CoxHealth can apply for financial support. To be considered the following is needed:

Applications are considered incomplete if the above items are not received by the grants committee. Please send all the above to the CoxHealth Foundation at 3525 S. National, Suite 204, Springfield, MO 65807. Grants are provided in the following areas:

Bethlehem Fund: This fund is for low-income, high-risk expectant mothers. The patient must be under the care of a CoxHealth physician and must receive a physician referral to apply for support from the Bethlehem Fund.

Breast Care Fund: This fund provides grants for care received at the CoxHealth Breast Care Clinic. Patients may receive support for breast care as well as the diagnosis of breast cancer. Patients must first be reviewed by the CoxHealth Patient Financial Services office for charity assistance. Once this review is complete, remaining charges can be considered by the Breast Care grants committee.

Cancer Services Fund: Patients may apply for a grant for needs within their cancer treatment that are not funded by federal or state programs or insurance. Funding is available for Ensure supplements, wigs and mastectomy supplies, medications and home support. Please contact the Patient Advocates office at the Hulston Cancer Center, 1st floor, for more information on other programs available through their office.

Cardiac Services: Patients may apply for a grant to assist with cardiac rehabilitation care. Limited funds are available and the patient must currently be in a prescribed course of care to apply.

Diabetes Education Fund: Patients may apply for a grant to cover the cost of their diabetes education once prescribed by their physician. Please contact the CoxHealth Diabetes Center for more information on assistance with additional needs as related to diabetes care management.

Good Samaritan Fund: Patients may apply for a grant for their hospital charges incurred at CoxHealth. Physician charges are not covered by this fund. Patients must first apply for financial aid through the CoxHealth Patient Financial Services (PFS) office. Once the patient has completed the review by the PFS office, remaining charges can be reviewed by the Good Samaritan Fund committee. Applications are accepted year round. Grants are made on a monthly basis.

Senior Services: Patients may apply for a grant related to senior service needs. Contact the CoxHealth Foundation for more information on what areas of service are included. To apply for support, please complete the patient application form and return with a copy of your tax return or proof of income to the CoxHealth Foundation office.

Colorectal Cancer Prevention Fund: Patients who need a colonoscopy but cannot afford this preventative screening may apply to the CoxHealth Foundation for help.

HUG Fund: This fund is for those needs that are not covered by any other form of assistance available at the CoxHealth Foundation but which will have an impact on the patients well-being and outcome.

Hannah’s Hope: Patients who have been diagnosed with a glioma form of cancer may apply to this fund for assistance with those needs which will help to improve their quality of life during treatment.

For information on other assistance programs outside of those described here, contact the CoxHealth Foundation at 417-269-7150.