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Cox College Student Government Association Fundraiser will name the Alumni Center! Posted Mar 21, 2018 By Keith Morris

The Cox College Reinvestment Campaign is creating a new campus for nursing and health science students and allowing Cox College to expand its nursing program.

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Free Financial Planning And Tax Law Explanation Seminar – March 12 Posted Mar 10, 2018 By Keith Morris

Join us for a free seminar that helps you to understand the new tax laws and how they apply to you and your financial future.

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Celebrating Anniversary Years – Employee Donors Posted Feb 27, 2018 By Keith Morris

Thank you to all our CoxHealth Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Employee Donors! Each year we recognize those donors who have reached an anniversary year. Joanne Angell, a social worker at Cox South is one of our 15 year donors in 2018. Joanne tells us, “I give because I see the impact every day in my job. I know what a difference my gift can make in helping one of my patients get well again. I don’t miss it out of my paycheck at all, but when I see the good it does, I think I should give more and I increased my gift last year!”

Happy Hearts Posted Feb 07, 2018 By Keith Morris

              Meet Carol.  Difficulties sleeping, breathing problems and pressure on her chest were the symptoms she had and knew it

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One of life’s great gifts is good health. Unfortunately, until we lose it, too many of us take it for granted. At CoxHealth we never take for granted that you depend on us to provide the highest level of quality care. Our dedicated staff of physicians, nurses and other medical specialists work to ensure that you and your family have every opportunity for good health. To support our efforts, join our donor family at the CoxHealth Foundation. Please call us at 417-269-7150 for for more information.