Good Samaritan Employee Giving Program

Your invitation to join the Good Samaritan Employee Giving Program

In 2014 over 3,000 CoxHealth patients received assistance thanks to the employees of CoxHealth who support this program. Donors helped provide insulin, medications, mastectomy supplies, home aids, therapies and many other needs not funded by insurance or any form of federal or state aid. Thank you for being a part of the helping hand up that gets these patients back on the road to good health.

Did you know the CoxHealth Foundation…

  • Pays for colonoscopies for the uninsured
  • Provides mastectomy supplies, nutritional supplements and wigs to cancer patients
  • Covers the cost of breast pumps for uninsured moms
  • Helps pay for cardiac rehab for patients with no insurance
  • Purchased the Senior Advantage van so seniors have transportation to their appointments
  • Gives out over $8,000 a month in grants for patients who cannot afford their hospital care
  • Offers grants for diabetes patients to receive education following diagnosis
  • Has gifted $270,999.41 to employees from the Cox Family Assistance (employee crisis fund) fund since it started in 2006
  • Has some level of patient funding support for every area of CoxHealth
  • Has funded over $15,000 in educational opportunities for employees this year
  • Bought the bullet proof vests for every Security officer at CoxHealth to protect them and our employees and visitors in the event of a crisis
  • And much, much more!

All of this is possible thanks to the incredible generosity of CoxHealth employees. As the most giving, caring employees- CoxHealth has surpassed many hospitals its size and bigger in employee support.

Today, right at 2,500 employees, administrators and physicians give to the Good Samaritan Employee Giving Program. Your help in joining today allows the CoxHealth Foundation to continue to answer YES to your calls for help when a patient expresses a need that they have no means to meet. It also allows us to provide ongoing support to employees through our Cox Family Assistance Employee Crisis Fund.

When you choose to give, remember that all gifts are tax deductible and you will receive a year-end tax receipt. You can do any amount from $1 a pay period, to $5 or $10, $20 on up. It’s your choice. Next choose the fund you want to support. This is where we hope you’ll choose that area of the Foundation that touches your heart- where giving will give you great rewards in knowing how you have impacted a patients life.

The gift you give leaves a lasting impression. Phil Baker, a Branson comedian at the Baldknobbers wrote after receiving a Good Samaritan Fund gift- “I thought cancer was the end. The bills made things worse. Then I got a letter from Cox’s Foundation about one of my bills being paid and for the first time since I was diagnosed I felt a light came back on. You gave me hope. I’ll never forget it.”

Thank you for the help and the hope.