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Cox Family Assistance Fund

Employees give but they can also receive. The Cox Family Assistance Fund exists to help employees in times of crisis. The fund is not set up for household bills or daily living costs. Please read the attached policy for a complete description of qualifying events. An application, supervisor reccomendation, explanation of need and a copy of your last pay stub is required to apply. For more information call the Foundation office at 269-7150.

  • Cox Family Assistance Fund Policy
  • Cox Family Assistance Fund Application

All applications must be accompanied by a W\9 form

Sheila Beauchemin

Sheila BeaucheminSheila, a medical secretary for the Parkinson’s Clinic and the Neurology Group of the Ozarks, had her life turned upside down. Her husband Roland began having headaches and unexplained memory loss. Doctors confirmed their suspicions, Roland had a brain tumor.

Surgery was performed to remove the growth, but during the procedure it was discovered that the original tumor extended to a second even more complicated tumor.

Roland’s condition was worsening and Sheila realized medical worries were only half the battle. With Roland unable to work and disability not yet started, the bills piled up. Sheila estimates she had more than $150,000 in bills and was at risk of losing both her home and car.

Luckily a patient advocate at Hulston Cancer Center suggested she seek help through the CoxHealth Foundation. Sheila filled out one simple application and was able to receive a gift from the Good Samaritan Fund and the Cox Family Assistance Fund. That money took care of several of the family’s bills and helped them avoid bankruptcy.

“I didn’t know about these funds,” Sheila admits. “But it has made a world of difference to me and it is incredible to know that the people who I work with everyday at Cox and in this community have helped to make this happen.”