Be a Giver! Posted April 12, 2017 by Brandi VanAntwerp


Karen Sue Hodges was crushed between two cars.  She is lucky to be alive and walking. A gift from the CoxHealth Foundation has helped her to walk again.   

Bennett lives his life in a wheelchair and requires daily support for his many medical needs. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals helps him get the therapies that allow him to manage the wheelchair on his own.

This is the impact OF OUR EMPLOYEE DONORS. A gift to the Employee Giving Program allows the CoxHealth Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to say YES countless times each day to requests for help. Where else would most of these patients find support if not for the caring employees of CoxHealth and donors to the CoxHealth Foundation and CMNH? The answer is nowhere. Our Employee Giving Program truly sets our organization apart.  It provides the assistance that gets patients-pediatric and adult-the medications they can’t afford, the equipment or education they would otherwise do without, the care that will get them back to life.  It makes CoxHealth a better place to work and receive care because our employees are invested in every patient’s success.

This is the time to join us in our annual Employee Donor Campaign.  Click the link below if you wish to sign up and learn about the great gifts you can receive and the chances to win monthly $50 GIFT CARDS while helping our patients back to good health.

Already a donor and wanting to help us grow? If every current employee donor increased their gift by $2 we could assist over 2,000 more patients in 2017. That’s the difference $2 CAN MAKE. If you would like to help us touch more lives click the link and add a minimum of $2 more to your current gift.  For doing so we will send you back our thanks in the form of our new GIVER T-shirt. (Be sure to circle your size!) If your current gift plus the $2 or more increase takes you to the $12 a pay period mark we will also send you our new Stainless Steel “Yeti -style” Tumbler. It’s just our way of saying THANK YOU for your incredible generosity to the Foundation and CMNH.  Your gift is fully tax-deductible but most importantly, it’s fully life changing! Questions? Call us at 269-7150 or visit here to sign up.  Your kindness is the compassion that gives these patients hope.