CoxHealth Foundation values Safety Posted February 19, 2019 by Brandi VanAntwerp


CoxHealth Foundation values Safety

The generosity of donors to the CoxHealth Foundation create endless opportunities to impact every patient, visitor and employee of CoxHealth. This month, thanks to donor support of the Area of Greatest Need (AGN), the CoxHealth Foundation Board of Directors approved the purchase of 23 bullet proof vests for newly hired officers on the Springfield, Monett and Branson campuses. AGN donor funding allows the Foundation to determine needs that can improve care, affect patient safety, and bring greater resources to those CoxHealth serves. As patient safety issues become of greater concern nationwide, the bullet proof vests give a higher level of protection to our officers.

At CoxHealth the Public Safety and Security team are the first line of defense in the hospital setting. In 2018, the department responded to over 36,000 calls for service, 136 of which were assaults. The vests help protect officers during assaults and could provide life-saving protection in the event of an active shooter. At $650 each, the total investment by the Foundation is $14,950. The Foundation’s ability to provide the vests allows the department to use their limited funding to improve officer training and provide additional resources to ensure their safety and that of those who work and are cared for at CoxHealth.