Developing Your Investment Strategy Posted May 1, 2018 by Brandi VanAntwerp


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Shelly Titus, AIF of BKD Wealth Advisors.

Shelly Titus, AIF

When developing your investment strategy, there are many things to consider. Analyzing both risk and return is critical. Industry research also suggests asset allocation is far more important to investment outcome than security selection, market timing or other factors combined.

One credible strategy to consider is an “outcome-based” approach to asset allocation. This process involves determining the combination of assets expected to generate the risk exposure, cash flow and average annual rate of return that is most consistent with each of your stated goals. When designing and managing your investment portfolio, the following ideas and beliefs are a good foundation for a successful investment strategy:

  • Global diversification helps reduce portfolio risk and improve return potential
  • Both active and passive management have a place in portfolio construction
  • Investor emotions and behavior often affect investment results
  • Initial valuation matters and is a critical factor in determining the future return potential of an asset class
  • Substance is more important than form when selecting investments
  • Reducing tax consequences in the investment process is important

Markets are very “noisy,” with many external factors affecting prices and investor sentiment at any given time. Following a well-defined and disciplined investment approach greatly improves the chance of investment success and should help you avoid major investor pitfalls.

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