Who Doesn’t Love a Hug? Posted March 14, 2017 by Brandi VanAntwerp


Dana Nance was driving home from the diner in Bolivar where she works. It was late, and rainy and she was tired from a long day. Suddenly a deer runs out in front of her and like most who’ve experienced it, she swerved hoping to miss it. Dana crashed her truck in a terrible accident. Her legs were pinned, her hips and pelvis were fractured. She was airlifted to Cox South and had 6 surgeries before she was put back together. She couldn’t walk, much less work and she found herself in a huge financial crisis. She could really use a HUG.

Sarah Mantlo was 25 weeks into her pregnancy. The pain she felt on this day had her concerned she was going into premature labor. At Cox South she was given shocking news; she was in renal failure. Several more tests confirmed she had Lupus, complicated with fluid in her lungs. Her husband’s job fed the family of 4 with little left over. The medications she now needed to survive were more than they could afford. If any family needed a HUG, it was this one.

In both cases, the CoxHealth Foundation was contacted to see if help could be provided to these two women. HUG or Help for Uninsured Grants exists for just these kinds of circumstances. When the unexpected happens and a helping hand can make all the difference in a person getting back on their feet, a HUG is offered.

The HUG Fund is only available thanks to the generosity of our donors. Gifts to this fund are utilized for direct patient assistance situations like Dana and Sarah’s. Today both women are healthy, back on their feet and grateful for the compassion the HUG Fund provided them. “I will never forget this kindness,” said Sarah. “I look at my baby and know without the HUG I received, he wouldn’t be here. Thank you to everyone who helped.”

If you would like to give a HUG to someone in need, your tax-deductible gift will and can change the life of someone in our local Ozarks community. Thank you for your support!