Family History Posted April 19, 2016 by Brandi VanAntwerp


Christina Rogers picture

Both Christina’s parents had colon cancer. Her siblings had polyps removed during their colonoscopies.  Needless to say, Christina Rogers was concerned for her own health.  She decided to take the next step and look into getting a colonoscopy.   When she received the information back, she quickly realized she could not afford the most important test of her life.  Christina’s husband, a self-employed plumber, made just enough to allow Christina to be a stay at home mom to her three children. With no insurance, the $1,800 cost would mean choosing between herself and food for her family.  With her family history certain and her health uncertain, Christina was left to fear for what might be happening to her too.

Fortunately, the Colorectal Cancer Prevention Fund at CoxHealth  Foundation was available to her and Christina was approved for a colonoscopy.  The good news, Christina was cancer free. She shared the results with her entire family.  Not realizing how much her worry had impacted her children, Christina’s daughter came to her with joyful tears in her eyes.  Her little girl had been afraid that mommy was going to die or have cancer like grandma and grandpa.

Christina courageously shared her story earlier this month at the annual CRAP (Colo Rectal Awareness Party) to the 500 guests. “ I can’t thank you all enough for the gifts you have given so someone like me could know their future is cancer free.  Your kindness touched my family in a way we can never repay.”

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