Gratitude Posted October 17, 2018 by Brandi VanAntwerp


David Jarrett

Your donation made it possible for David Jarrett to get the home support items he needed after an accident in his home left him with a compound fracture in his leg. This is what David shared with the Foundation in his application:

“I was taking chicken out of the microwave, my right leg didn’t move with the rest of my body. I fell to the left and back on my butt and crack, snap. Two leg bones broke and sticking out about 4-5 inches below my knee. Ouch. After I paid for my basic needs and dog food I only have a few bucks left over every month. Please help, thank you.”

David lives on $750 a month. At discharge, his caseworker asked who would help him get a shower, go to the bathroom, assist him with basic, daily needs. David’s answer was “no one.” To be safe and capable of caring for himself, the doctor said David needed an extended toilet seat and a shower bench. David said he’d “figure it out” because his insurance wouldn’t cover them and he couldn’t afford the $78 it would cost. The CoxHealth Foundation was happy to provide both for David.

When delivered to his room, David sat in shock. “I can’t believe people do this, help people like me. I’m really grateful, I’m really, really grateful.” That $78 will go a long way in getting David back on his feet. It also showed him great compassion. While David’s just one of the over 3,500 people helped so far in 2018, his sincere gratitude is what we hear every day.

When you join the CoxHealth Foundation as an employee donor, you make it possible for us to say, “Yes, we can!” to more David’s. Every dollar counts because many days $78 is what will make all the difference in a patient getting back to work, their home and good health.
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