HUG-a-Patient Challenge Posted June 9, 2015 by Brandi VanAntwerp


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Each day, patients are waiting to be discharged, but there’s a roadblock. Some unmet need is keeping them from going home: transportation, medications, a special need like a home aide or even something as critical as a Life Vest for heart conditions.  It’s at these times that the CoxHealth Foundation is there with an extra HUG to get them out the door so they can get home and on the road to full recovery with their loved ones.

Named in honor of CoxHealth former administrator Neil Wortley, the HUG Fund seeks to do what Mr. Wortley did on behalf of so many CoxHealth patients through the years.  If a patient had an unmet need that ensured their return to good health,  Mr. Wortley was there with a hug and the help to make it happen.  The HUG Fund (Help for the Uninsured Grant) helps patients receive an unmet need that ensures they are medically safe when they leave the hospital and are armed with the things they need to continue to get well.

So for the month of June, CoxHealth Foundation challenges our donors to give someone a HUG.  A $40 donation is all it takes to cover the average need of one patient that could use a HUG to get them out of the hospital bed and safely home.

Can you give a HUG to someone today? If so, click here and donate to the Wortley HUG Fund.