Inspiring a Gift of Hope Posted September 21, 2015 by Brandi VanAntwerp



Sometimes it is hard to give hope to others when something tragic happens.  That did not stop Hannah from raising money at her father’s funeral.  Hannah’s dad, Rosh (pictured above with Hannah), had just lost a battle with glioblastoma, a cancerous brain tumor that took a severe toll on his body before his passing in 2010.

Today, the Hannah’s Hope Fund assists patients dealing with the same cancer as Rosh.  Named for Hannah’s undying hope, CoxHealth partners with Hannah each year to inspire and bring hope to others by raising funds and helping patients.

In this year’s annual appeal, Hannah told the story of Mary Kathleen, who was diagnosed with three individual tumors earlier this year.  Mary was retired and living on Social Security when she found out that surgery would be necessary.  Even with her daughter Debbie taking unpaid leave to care for her during this time, Mary fell behind and was unable to pay her bills.  Hannah’s Hope responded to her need by paying off her $1,260 bill and giving her a little hope to push through the battle she was facing.

CoxHealth Foundation invites you to join Hannah in her fight to bring hope to those like her dad and Mary Kathleen.  Donations can be made by selecting Hannah’s Hope on our donation page ( or calling 417-269-7150.  100% of every donation gives hope to a glioblastoma patient.