Cox Monett Hospital Momentum Campaign

Cox Monett

What will a new hospital do for Monett and the surrounding community? Create Momentum.


In a growing region, access to healthcare is a vital part of its progress. Quality health care is an asset when working to recruit employees to a business and businesses to a community. Individuals looking for a place to call home will rate medical care in their top three needs. When physicians look for a place to practice, the hospital itself is a key factor in their decision-making. A state-of-the-art facility will attract more physicians and a greater number of specialists. This improves every patient’s opportunity to receive the care they need at home and not 50 miles down the road where most of the current specialists reside.

Health Care Excellence

The momentum will build as the hospital is constructed with the highest standards of care at the forefront. The 25-bed Critical Access Hospital will continue to offer every service from birth to end of life. However, now each patient room will be designed meeting Patient-Family Centered Care standards. This includes every aspect to ensure the patient’s safety, comfort and privacy. Rooms will be Wi-Fi enabled and technology will be cutting-edge. The design will incorporate Cox Monett’s 25 years of patient experience to address issues that needed to be addressed in the current facility, where age and space have been unable to accommodate much change. One example is a new Ambulatory Procedure Center for surgical patients. This will be a comfortable place for patients to be prepped for surgery and experience recovery before being released. For the first time a Grieving Room will be available for families who experience loss and need a place of privacy in this difficult time. Every consideration is being given to make the new Cox Monett a hospital prepared to meet the expectations of today’s patient. The hospital will build confidence and the certainty that CoxHealth is committed to the people of Barry and Lawrence Counties not just for now, but for generations to come.


Progress feeds progress. All around the hospital is land available for additional development. The hospital as its anchor has the ability to attract new industry and services. The highway frontage makes it even more attractive for potential development. Hospitals can attract additional medical services and suppliers. In every aspect of this project, the residents of this region stand to win.


The new Cox Monett Hospital will be a great source of pride for all of Barry and Lawrence Counties. The hospital will serve the local communities with world-class care in a state of the art facility, equal to those found in large metropolitan areas, but on a “sized to fit the region” scale. You too can be a part of growing the momentum by showing your pride and joining the Campaign.

A Bright Future with your Support

Financial stability is at the root of all successful rural hospitals. Becker’s Review reported more than 60 rural hospitals have closed since 2010, 68% of which were Critical Access Hospitals like Cox Monett. Facilities in states where Medicaid expansion did not pass, like Missouri, have proven to be at a higher risk. Names that have seemed to represent sound financial positions like Mercy were not immune. Mercy closed its Independence, Kansas hospital leaving a large gap in available healthcare to its residents.

To position Cox Monett and all it serves for a bright future, a community investment is needed. Please consider the impact you can have on laying a strong foundation for the hospital. A campaign goal has been set of $7 million dollars. A goal that provides the funding for financial security as bond payments are made to support the debt incurred by CoxHealth to invest in this region, it’s people and the healthcare people need and deserve. Your gift’s impact will be measurable now and in the decades ahead.