Saw a Need, Filled a Need Posted June 30, 2016 by Brandi VanAntwerp


Who hasn’t choked at some time in their life? It’s a frightening experience as you gasp for air. More frightening is when it happens to a small child who doesn’t understand what is happening.  As an adult we can fight to free the airway. Children fight against it and can die from an obstruction.

What kind of obstructions? At CoxHealth, our physicians have seen it all.  Not surprising, nuts, candy and coins are the most common.  Others have included a round battery, earrings, bottle, pen and toothpaste caps, Legos, buttons, detergent capsules and more. If they can fit it in their mouth, a child will try it. Unfortunately, once is all it takes to block the vital air flow that keeps a child’s brain and body alive.

Fortunately, one BRONCH CART currently exists in the Children’s Hospital but a second was considered a great need. Blocked airways can occur on the hospital floor, in the surgery suite, in the ER,  or the Urgent Care and one cart cannot be in every location.

Earlier this year, CoxHealth Foundation was able to respond through the Area of Greatest Need Fund, which is underwritten by both community donors and our own employees.  As a result, a second cart was purchased and both are now covering the Trauma areas (ER, Urgent Care, Surgery) AND patient care areas (Children’s Hospital, Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit, Post-Partum Nursery).

These carts require that as many scopes are available as there are sizes of children (Premature Infant, Infant, Toddler, Adolescent, Teen, and Young Adult). The total cost for the fully outfitted cart was $136,000.  Given the importance of this to our children, CoxHealth Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals made this a priority for funding and the new BRONCH CART is now helping save the lives of our littlest patients.

We want to express our gratitude to our donors that continue to make it possible for CoxHealth Foundation to “see a need, fill a need.”