Taking Care of Our Family Posted August 1, 2016 by Brandi VanAntwerp


CRAP bake sale

CoxHealth is a family of people who love their community.  The daily needs of patients deserve the “blood, sweat, and tears” that our employees provide without regard for themselves.  But sometimes those who care for their community need care themselves.

In 2004, former CEO Larry Wallis made the founding donation that started the Cox Family Assistance Fund.  The purpose was to benefit employees in their time of greatest need.  He felt that CoxHealth should be there for employees who experience major medical events, natural disasters, or even the death of their spouse because that is when you need family the most.

Today, Cox Family Assistance Fund continues to provide grants to employees who find themselves in difficult moments.  Funds have helped with funeral expenses, temporary housing after a tornado, and helping pay expenses following a devastating injury, the very moments that are most difficult to prepare for.

If you would like to help those in our CoxHealth family who need assistance, please click here to make a donation.  These funds help those of us who need it most.

If you are part of our CoxHealth family and are experiencing one of these moments.  Please call our office at 269-7150 so we can help you personally.