Did you know CoxHealth Foundation has a Grants Administration team? It’s the arm of the Foundation that supports and oversees grant applications for resources external to CoxHealth. Recent awards include two grants for Oxford Health totaling $26,760 to provide Lifeline and AutoAlert services free of charge to low-income seniors.

Lifeline provides a connection to 24-hour care at the push of a button for independent seniors, enhancing their quality of life and keeping them safely in their own home. Auto Alert provides new freedom to seniors considered more at-risk for an accident because of their condition. Auto Alert monitors activities like a fall and alerts help automatically. This new technology takes Lifeline to the next level; if an individual is unable to push their Lifeline button because of impairment like unconsciousness, the technology automatically alerts the monitoring service.  Auto Alert ensures that the client can get help even when they are unable to respond, which can be the difference between life and death.

If your department has a need for funding, you can contact the Grant Administration Office for more information on their website.